Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Poem for Our Friend

I loved my friend.
He went away from me.
There's nothing more to say.
The poem ends
Soft as it began-
I loved my friend.

Langston Hughes

Photos collected so far at Remembering Birj.

Thanks to Joy Liu, sister and camarada, for the poem and the website.

Friday, December 30, 2005

Interview on KPFT-Houston

Colin was interviewed by Lilian Care,
Progressive Forum, KPFT Houston
90.1 FM
Thursday, December 29, 2005
8:00 pm [1 hour into the program]

Listen to the interview.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Coverage of Dec 23 event

星島Sing Tao
世界日報 World Journal
明報 Ming Pao

Friday, December 23, 2005

More photos

videos & fotos in retrospect

two delegation members talk about getting pepper sprayed, Dec 14. Below, S holds a sign that was pepper sprayed and shielded her.


Alex (CPA) at ILPS / Migrante International action in front of US Consulate General, D14

Korean drummers in Via Campesina area D17

late night at the barricades D17

last day march D18

Support from a 92-year old Hong Kong resident

This is a letter Wayie's 92-year old 叔公 wrote supporting our actions in HK:

Rough translation:

Estimado Sr/a.

This times young people's activities in Hong Kong is extremely just and are very good actions, for a righteous cause. This is one type of education that you cannot get in schools or by studying, but through experience. Please support them (and don't scold them)!

Hong Kong is a progressive city, I invite you to come and see when you have time.

Much respect.
Long Life!
Hasta la victoria!

Now that's love.

Reportback: SF Solidarity Action

thanks to everyone who came out early this morning to support the 14 protesters in the HK jails. And thanks to all the organizers!

The 14 have been released on bail. Trial next week, Dec. 30. They have to report daily to .. the courthouse? The Taiwanese student, apparently, was released on $100,000 so he could go take his exams back at Taiwan National University.

More details and first-person reports at out folks who are still in HK:

CAAAV's (NYC) blog: http://wtocaaav.blogspot.com and
KEEP (LA) delegation's blog http://notowto.blogspot.com

Our action in front of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office this morning was mc'd by Liz Suk and Leon (CPA), Colin (NNIRR), me (CJWP), David (SEIU / Transit Workers) and Kyung Jin (KEEP / KPL) spoke. About 30 people attended.

Also present were reporters from KTSF 26 (or was it KTVU?), KPFA, Ming Pao, Sing Tao, World Journal, and guo yu (國語)TV. So keep on the lookout for the reports in the papers tomorrow and in the news tonight (Mandarin and Chinese).

Two representatives of the office came down and accepted our letter (to Doris Cheung). They said that they did not really have an official statement as the charges are being looked into and pending the hearing next week.

Derek Chung of CJWP took pictures, so we'll probably have some up before too long.

Solidarity actions were also held today in Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, LA, and SF.


Action Alert - Free the WTO 14 - SF, Friday Dec 23, 9 am

International Action
Free the 14 people still Detained in Hong Kong !!!

What: Press Conference and RALLY!!!

When: Friday, December 23, 2005, 9:00am

Where: Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office
130 Montgomery St., San Francisco (off the Montgomery BART stop)

Why: Last week, over 1,300 people were detained and their human rights violated by the Hong Kong police. Over 900 were farmers from South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, and Philippines .

Currently, fourteen persons are still locked up illegally without any specific charges from the Hong Kong police.

During the WTO's 6 th Ministerial Conference in Hong Kong, over 10,000 people from all over the world gathered to oppose international policies that would move families deeper into poverty. Specifically, the WTO's negotiations over controlling agricultural and service markets have created strong protest from workers, farmers, and women.

Who: Organizers and participants include Bay Area activists who joined the protests in Hong Kong .

Please come out to join folks all over the world in calling for the release of those who are unjustly detained! There are actions and protests all over the U.S. as well as Hong Kong , South Korea, and Philippines ! AA

Thursday, December 22, 2005

CPA Alex Tom and Natalie on Pacific Time (KQED)

Coverage of our delegation in the Guardian

Birjinder (Bay Area) and Kimi Lee (LA) were interviewed in the UK Guardian:
Guardian article

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

ya llego ...

a vancouver.

waiting in the airport to get back to SF.

CPA folks in Shen Zhen and guang zhou. B & E back in O'town. I wish I could have gone with them to the other side, but was grateful for the days with my cousins and the days with my CJWP crew. We needed time to process the challenges of API movement building and of the last several days, and some time to build with each other. To meet David Wong and kick it. Folks is family to me. Teasing, talking smack, eating, challenging each other. Aaaaahhhh

Movement building cannot be limited to the sphere of 501(c)3s, from an international perspective, froma functional / utilitarian perspective, from an ideological and from a community building & organizing perspective, from my experience.

This comes from a great love for all my people, our people.

This morning as we walked outside of our hostel in Jordan, some young folks from a local film school were shooting a film. W started walking backwards so as not to get in the way and the look on her face gave me a flashback to the night on the bridge. Later on, after jook, going to make copies of this letter, I have another flashback, this time of all the cameras the whole time we were in the streets, in the park, all the cameras, videos, mikes everywhere, the whole time ... yet what makes it out is so uniform ....

Long convo -- now it is a liability for any city to host the WTO. At least we did that, and I have a satisfactory answer for my cousin and auntie. But also, it is about all of us being able to build with each other. I had forgotten that people from outside the US don't know about our struggles on the inside. We have a lot to learn in general about struggle and discipline, though I forget that cuz I study so much in school and as a consultant I have to have the discipline to get my shit done, and aas someone new in the field, it can't be janky. it's too competitive all out there.

But also it's important to celebrate ourselves, our vitality, our creativity, in all its forms, to build -- the Indonesian journalist, the Honduran farmer I met, the Taiwanese cooperative organic farmers, the Chinese-British journalist, the workers in the various organizations, the HK student organizations. My cousin gets that I have a set of beliefs that they generally agree with, but I back it up in my actions, in my life choices, career choices. He backs me up to the uncles and aunties, and they pass it on to my parents. These long chains, unpredictable, also give me hope for movement building, becauase I see allies everywhere, unexpected. Queer family members who support and inspire. Capitalist famly members whose stories teach me humility in a same but different way than the farmers who are willing-to-die. My mother thinks I exaggerate when I say these policies have killed people.

When we ask the question, what are the police portecting? the answer is so unsatisfactory. they were there to protect the right of corporations to make rules about human rights, the environment, labor protection, to circumvent so-called state processes, as imperfect as they are. Marcos' Fourth World War, the Fourth World .. ah, my friends, our contradictions. For instance, one of our chants uses the Third World as a rubric. In honor of Third World Women's Movements in the US, who recognized international solidarity as a major foundational building block, for the Third World movement of the time, it was a major intervention in the otherwise US focused movements of the 1960s 1970s. Were those within it not critical of the term Third World? No, but the term also recognizes the reality in global politics of the Global South. Imperfect term, but we as movements have always reclaimed and reinvented terms to also become markers of resistance and pride. Why not again? Why not take terms with their dominant hegemonic meanings and turn them on their heads?

That is the creativity I wish for our people.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Families and ...

Yesterday we met with one of our delegation's grand-uncle. He's 92! And his wife. He is an educator from Chow Zhou but has been living in Hong Kong for a really long time. He founded a school in the outskirts of Hong Kong back in the 60s or so, and was one of the first schools, along with 2 others, who wanted to teach anti-colonialist histories of Hong Kong and China -- that is, the real histories. They had such support when they raised the red flag over the school, in colonial Hong Kong, that people came and supported the school teachers and administrators against the Hong Kong government. He said that he supports us young people out there in the streets. I wonder if that's why W is also an educator. Sometimes these things run in families. He also reminded us: there are many kinds of education. One kind is the kind you get from book learnings -- he references Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Engels and Mao. The other kind is experiential. You learn by doing, by being there. What we were doing, from his point of view, is part of that learning process, in the streets, in Hong Kong.

More on meeting my family and their reactions to why I am here this time.

But I gotta go get on my plane now.