Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Families and ...

Yesterday we met with one of our delegation's grand-uncle. He's 92! And his wife. He is an educator from Chow Zhou but has been living in Hong Kong for a really long time. He founded a school in the outskirts of Hong Kong back in the 60s or so, and was one of the first schools, along with 2 others, who wanted to teach anti-colonialist histories of Hong Kong and China -- that is, the real histories. They had such support when they raised the red flag over the school, in colonial Hong Kong, that people came and supported the school teachers and administrators against the Hong Kong government. He said that he supports us young people out there in the streets. I wonder if that's why W is also an educator. Sometimes these things run in families. He also reminded us: there are many kinds of education. One kind is the kind you get from book learnings -- he references Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Engels and Mao. The other kind is experiential. You learn by doing, by being there. What we were doing, from his point of view, is part of that learning process, in the streets, in Hong Kong.

More on meeting my family and their reactions to why I am here this time.

But I gotta go get on my plane now.


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