Monday, December 19, 2005

Heading out tomorrow

long ass flights

the craziness is mostly over. now we just have to support the people who were kept detained (900 arrested and detained, the let all the women out first, and then they let out most of the men except for 14, who they are rying to charge and hold accountable for unlawful assembly, etc.)

got to see my family -- auntie and uncle and 2 of 3 cousins who live in HK. family building, and movement building. not that different, at the end of the day. i have to have faith that we love each other, that we disagree, but that we also support each other. it's not until this last year that i really understand the depth of the psychological impact of the wars in china on my family members. yes, they are relatively privileged, socioeconomically ... and yet, even there, there are long term impacts on them. psychologically and socially too. their need for financial security is due to the experience of them not having had it growing up, due to the turmoil. my cousin who works for corporate sony doing ads/marketing (actually 4 cousins and my sister all do this), still understand and support me in the ways they can. and my auntie, too, who wonders if there aren't better ways to help (she gives money) -- i tell her yes, i do that too. but for me it's not enough. and my cousin who wonders if being out on the streets is enough, does it do anything? i'm like, yes, there's lots -- its the result of many years of organizing ... but we have to be there to make sure the results of those many years of organizing stay together. see fruit . and also that it's important to do what's right. all that. and my auntie, who's been troubled by the many nights of not sleeping, of staying pegged to the television looking for me, and my uncle who just had heart surgery after having appendicitis earlier this year, who is 72, i mean, and the other uncle in taiwan, everyone's been worrying. and that's serious too.


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