Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Photos - Dec 13 -

This is the second march, from the first day of the WTO opening ceremony.

We got into the caged area after the march from Victoria Park to the little open area. The Korean American delegation, KEEP, and us in solidarity (LA's Garment Worker Center and SF's WT-No delegation), other Korean delegations all provide cover for the men changing into shorts and putting on organge life vests. NY was marching with the ILPS youth contingent, and we saw them later.

Handle's pix of the Korean farmers action jumping into HK Bay:

The drummers provide cover for the people lining up. An announcer is directing people. The farmers who are not going to jump form a buffer zone between the jumpers and the rest of the crowd. The announcer directs the crowd in chants.

They tell all of the media to get out of the way.

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