Friday, December 23, 2005

Reportback: SF Solidarity Action

thanks to everyone who came out early this morning to support the 14 protesters in the HK jails. And thanks to all the organizers!

The 14 have been released on bail. Trial next week, Dec. 30. They have to report daily to .. the courthouse? The Taiwanese student, apparently, was released on $100,000 so he could go take his exams back at Taiwan National University.

More details and first-person reports at out folks who are still in HK:

CAAAV's (NYC) blog: and
KEEP (LA) delegation's blog

Our action in front of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office this morning was mc'd by Liz Suk and Leon (CPA), Colin (NNIRR), me (CJWP), David (SEIU / Transit Workers) and Kyung Jin (KEEP / KPL) spoke. About 30 people attended.

Also present were reporters from KTSF 26 (or was it KTVU?), KPFA, Ming Pao, Sing Tao, World Journal, and guo yu (國語)TV. So keep on the lookout for the reports in the papers tomorrow and in the news tonight (Mandarin and Chinese).

Two representatives of the office came down and accepted our letter (to Doris Cheung). They said that they did not really have an official statement as the charges are being looked into and pending the hearing next week.

Derek Chung of CJWP took pictures, so we'll probably have some up before too long.

Solidarity actions were also held today in Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, LA, and SF.



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